Book Fell
Into Ocean

 A search-and-rescue game with & Friends.

En route to Miami, our (TXTbooks) cargo ship sent out a mysterious distress call...

“Something’s happening...
dense purple fog...
and the engine sounds like
it’s about to...

[explosion] [static]

So we sent our Risograph to survey the wreckage and take stock of the losses...

...for insurance purposes.

Pilot our Riso-Drone to recover our missing materials!

 The game seems to be having problem in Safari browser. Please use a browser like Chrome or Firefox. Apologies!

Pilot our Riso-drone through the crash site to find and document all artworks.
Use “W,A,S,D” to move. Use mouse to control camera. Use “Shift” to accelerate. Use X to interact.

Please allow a minute or two for game to load. If it does not, please double check to see if your browser of choice supports WebGL2. For Safari, this may mean updating some settings. For Chrome, it should just be automatic. We honestly suggest Chrome.

The artists are gonna be so mad at us...

Currents. Driftwood. Supply Chains. Shipwreck. Sea Life. Ocean Garbage. Messages in Bottles. The Beautiful Shimmering Reflection of the Open Sea.

These are themes that *would* be interesting to consider in another scenario.

Sadly, due to the crash, all the artists’ works are missing and likely severely water damaged, not to mention potentially exposed to hazardous materials... 

In their shoes, we’d probably be extremely disappointed... What do we tell them?
Condition TBD.
Likely Soggy.
See Game.

You collected the art, now read the insurance damage report:

Y...You piloted our Riso-Drone and produced a report for our insurance company???

Complete with photographs of the scene, archival photos of the work prior to damage, and written descriptions of each work so they can be easily understood for reimbursement? Th...That’s amazing!

And it’s 24 pages, packet-stapled, and printed double-sided on a laser printer in stunning c-m-y-and-k toners in an open edition???

Okay... I’ve gotta get a copy of that.